Friday, June 17, 2011

no more Seth.

and say HI to STANZA CINTA!!!
last episode of nora elena was great
even i'm expecting sumthing yang lebih gempak..
maybe i've shud read the novel!!!
love seth so much!!!sengal sdah =p
he's such a lovely, caring n responsible husband..
can i get one like him????hahahaha
impossible rite?? coz that's juz a drama..
apa2 pun, elena n seth bahagia jga n live happily ever after... a fairytale plak

cant wait to watch it..
so excited coz Aaron berlakon lagi
but the storyline lbih kurang cam Syurga Cinta
but im think this drama gonna be more interesting...haha
coz Seth Tan ada...n Fizz Fairuz p0n =p

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