Thursday, March 24, 2011


 i've shouldn't have done it,should have ignored it
as thought you couldn't be seen
 i think i should have just not to seen you at all
i should have run away, should have pretended not to hear
as though i couldn't hear it, as though it couldn't be heard
i shouldn't have listen to your love at all

without a word, you made me know love
without a word, you gave me your love
without a word, i felt your love
i keep it all here, even your breathe....
holding onto you deep inside here
but you're leaving just like this

without a word,my love is leaving me
without a word, my love throws me away
what will i have to say?
the words on my lips..were surprised by themselves...
it all came without a single word...

without a word, i'm waiting for love
without a word, i'm hurt because of love
my soul has left...
i became a fool
i just can look to the sky and cry
without a word, separation found me
without a word,separation came to me
i couldn't even prepare
i had to let you go...
my heart feels like it's having a stinging pain
it all came without a single word...
without a word, you came
without a word, you left
just like a fever,
maybe it's only hurt for a while
but the scars will be left forever...

p.s:without a word,i kept all the secrets..for my own sake.(my heart is a secret) =p

Monday, March 21, 2011


hello peeps!!!
today, im not gonna write much..
let's the pics talking..
coz pic speaks a thousand words..
s0, enjoy the pics!! =)

my last dinner in UKM..especially for my college (IZISH).gonna miss it.

do i care..even nk breathe a bit diificult but im still wanna try my best
but it was last for 5 mins only..hampeh je.nk sgat bajet gaya minah ARAB..

actually, im forgot to take pics of our foods.coz perut lapa sangat..
by the way, the food were delicious..2 kali tambah okay.
cm perut doraem0n plak >-<

shah n mai <3

love this pic s0 much!!!!

 .nice pics for a wonderful moments.

a pink rose from a.ijan.n the souvenir  (magic lamp)

thanx a.ijan for the beautiful rose.

good job for matk's crew especially nabilah.
thanx 2 my l0vely frenz.
uolz made my day.

p.s:a joy to behold, light pink roses express fun and happiness
*pic credit to dani, mokhzaini mokhtar n shima.

Thursday, March 10, 2011


hye gals!!!hye uolz!!!
i had a great day.i'm juz want to mention that only.
i'm really happy even a bit tired.
that's all...hahaha.

will update bout it later.=)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

international women's day.

hye peeps!!!
today is international women's day.
happy women's day to all gals!!!

 yups!!!it's our day.
do celebrate it gals.


p.s: im proud to be a woman.