Monday, March 21, 2011


hello peeps!!!
today, im not gonna write much..
let's the pics talking..
coz pic speaks a thousand words..
s0, enjoy the pics!! =)

my last dinner in UKM..especially for my college (IZISH).gonna miss it.

do i care..even nk breathe a bit diificult but im still wanna try my best
but it was last for 5 mins only..hampeh je.nk sgat bajet gaya minah ARAB..

actually, im forgot to take pics of our foods.coz perut lapa sangat..
by the way, the food were delicious..2 kali tambah okay.
cm perut doraem0n plak >-<

shah n mai <3

love this pic s0 much!!!!

 .nice pics for a wonderful moments.

a pink rose from a.ijan.n the souvenir  (magic lamp)

thanx a.ijan for the beautiful rose.

good job for matk's crew especially nabilah.
thanx 2 my l0vely frenz.
uolz made my day.

p.s:a joy to behold, light pink roses express fun and happiness
*pic credit to dani, mokhzaini mokhtar n shima.

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