Monday, July 4, 2011

Maxi Skirt

hye peeps!!!
today i wanna talk about fashi0n. about MAXI SKIRT MANIA!!!
actually, i prefer t0 wear pants/jean all the times. c0z its m0re c0mfortable n easy to match wif any cl0thes.
but, skank MAXI SKIRTS are a major fashion trend..sgat2 practical n l00k fresh.
bc0z of that, im als0 terminat sama dengan maxi skirt ni..

the maxi skirt comes in a variety of fashion style..

there are many style to choose fr0m, s0 u can be elegant and funky in the same time.
u juz ch00se ur favourite maxi skirt style and gayakan saja!!!d0nt be afraid gals!!
here, s0me styles that u can f0llow..

s0 casual,simple n feminine t00..u juz gayakan wif ur 0wn way.that's all
slamat mencuba!! =)

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