Sunday, February 20, 2011

.c0llege girl.

hye guys!!!!
dh lama rsenya xbke 0r update my bl0gs.
im kinda bz wif my lab,thesis n m0st impr0rtant my life..haha.
being a final year student is n0t easy.such a mess 0kay!!
h0nestly,mulanya mmg xtaw nk tulis apa.
then, fikir pnya last,i g0t a brilliant idea.
brilliantlah sgat..hahaha.(otak dh mereng sbnarnya).
s0,here s0me tips n inf0 that i wanna t0 share with all the gals.

1. noteb00k n pen.
beside n0teb00k, mini noteb00k/ipad are ideal f0r jotting d0wn notes 0r anything else.dunia dh canggih..
s0,gunalah tekn0logi semaksimum mgkin.
2. water bottle and mints/gum.
it's the best s0luti0n f0r th0se yg mengantuk dlm lecture/tut0r.chewing gum can keep u awake n alert.n 0so rem0ve stains fr0m teeth.

3. hand sanitizer.
 ladies!!hand sanitizer is s0 imp0rtant.c0z u may t0uch dirty d00rknob and use germ-filled bathr00ms.
s0, hand sanitizer is the best s0luti0n.

4. umbrella.
bak kata pepatah 'sediakan payung sblum hujan'.bring the c0mpact umbrellas that cn fit anywhere.

5. feminine pr0ducts.
u sh0uld carry at least 0ne sanitary napkin especially bila waktu2 peri0d tu nk dekat.

p.s: saya bwa smuanya ke claz except f0r hand sanitizer.juz keep it in my cl0set 0ny.hahaha.

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