Saturday, January 29, 2011

rambut adalah mahk0ta setiap wanita...
that's right!!!!can u imagine,if u d0nt have any hair(that's mean b0taklah)..
argh!!!!such a nightmare 0kay..
s0 scary!!!tp b0lehlah c0ver dengan tudung gitu...
actually, i want cut my hair sh0rt..again.
c0z i'm s0 rimas dengan rambut yg xbrapa panjang ni..
s0,im l00kin' for a new style..0f c0rze, for sh0rt hair cut..
basically, this is a few styles that i wanna t0 try..=)

(full fringe +sh0rt)

hahahaa...really excited!!!
can't wait t0 cut my hair s00n...

p.s: the real beauty of a w0men is on the inside =)

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