Saturday, April 2, 2011

it's already april...
 yups!!!everything juz too fast..
on my april fool day, i ada dinner at bukit unggul
and bcoz of that, i couldn't join my frenz for fasilitator prog..=(
so sad..but the dinner was fun too=)
im really enjoyed it..

microba 3rd year + 1st year (3 juniors)

 kinda exciting wif the cake.tapi dapat makan sikit je..
orang lain kebas least, dapat makan jgak >-<

wif emcee n pembaca doa
really sporting fakharudin ni..haha

wif piqah and leah...
piqah got anugerah pelajar cemerlang..congratz gals!!!

sumi, princess of the nite..
im look so short here..=(

wif my lovely Dr Farah aka ketua program & supervisor

p.s: we love microbes a lots!!!that why we choose to be a microbiologist!!!chayokk to all my coursemates <3

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